Radio Challenge - Be Part of It

Summer has finally arrived and now it’s time for the perfect summer hit and the Boogie Way 👏😍

Now it’s your turn and you’re are definitely the right ones for

> Beat Bam Boogie - Radio Challenge <

If Hitradio Ö3 or Radio BAYERN 3 plays the Beat Bam Boogie on Air (just possible with your music wishes) than I will make a gift to you  👇

> 1 Tomorrowland Festivalticket in Belgium inkl. Backstage Tour with me – live on Stage -27. - 28.07.2019 <🕺🏻 🌈 🎤

So let’s start the challenge:
1. “Beat Bam Boogie“ music wish on  Hitradio Ö3 or Radio BAYERN 3:
👉🏻 Via Whats App +43 67762681686 or 0049 174 / 33 43 900  

👉🏻Online / Mail or 
👉🏻 Posting on Facebook -  Hitradio Ö3 or Radio BAYERN 3 

2. Screenshot your wishes and post them in the comments

3. and of course SHARE SHARE SHARE!✌🏻

The winner will be released from all screenshots  🍀

That would be absolutely crazy, guys! Thanks a lot for your big support 👊🏼 🙏🏼👋🏿👊🏽

< Here’s the link to the Facebook Challenge: >

Daniel Stock