Now is the time for all the tough guys to show emotions: Love & Respect for Mom!


Perfect for the summer season there's the next catchy song "I Love Mama" by Stockanotti. And this has (again) absolute summer hit potential - and It’s in German! A mix of Pop & Reaggaedance with contemplative vocals.


No one celebrates, lives and loves like him: 5-star hotel Daniel Stock aka Stockanotti is pure power - and breaks out of all the rules and roles to make the dance floors of the summer glow!


“I Love Mama “ is heading for the Lifechange of Daniel Stock. In addition to the love of music, but still the family is always in focus. Despite the stressful working life in the hotel, the family never came up short and these were always the most important moments for Stockanotti.


The song is about love, respect and joy of living with the family and especially with mom – simply a declaration of love to mom!


... and the brand "I Love Mama" will surely be heard & seen for a long time!


One million YouTube clicks in two weeks and radio plays follow, while the catchy tune “BEAT BAM BOOGIE” already makes thousands celebrate on Sky-TV and at Wings for Life. Stockanotti has already announced the next song for July: "It's my childhood dream to produce my own music. When my colleagues gave me a voucher for studio time, I knew: It's now or never!" 

The Stockanotti: Power, Drive and Happiness

The change of scenery from the hotel to the recording studio has paid off! The Stockanotti has so much power and drive that you simply can't help but dance. The rhythm is infectious, the catchy tune immediately set and the production refreshingly light, just like a sexy wink.

Authentic entertainment with party feeling

The lyrics and melodies are home-made and break away from the classic rules, just like the singing hotelier himself. Those who know Daniel and his STOCK resort in Austrian Zillertal, know that he – grown up between guests and staff – is much more than just a host and entrepreneur. He is also a creative mind, a motivation artist and an entertainer. Daniel Stock loves the stage and rocks it with passion. At his many events, his kitchen parties and in his pop-up club he has been grabbing the microphone for years.


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